Sharon Miles – The Face of Senior Care Options

At the age of 33, after the sudden death of her father, Sharon found herself caring for her aging mother. After several hospital stays and moving her mother to an assisted living home, she was faced with the difficult decision of placing her mother in a nursing home.

After this challenging, yet heartwarming experience caring for her mother, Sharon wanted to reach out and support other families who found themselves in similar situations of caring for their aging parents. Sharon was inspired to pursue a Masters’s Degree in Social Work & Gerontology, and founded Senior Care Options in 1996, an Aging Life Care Consulting Practice.

An experienced guide and a vital support that families need during this time, Sharon brings to bear an extensive knowledge base of available community resources and care options. Her ultimate focus is to keep aging parents safely at home, if this is not feasible, she can guide a family to the best alternative care options.

She can offer expert advice on making the best decisions for your loved ones’ situation and can arrange and monitor care on a short or long-term basis. Believing that personalized care is vital in arranging the best care for an aging parent, Sharon tailors her recommendations and services to each clients’ unique situation, starting with an in-home meeting and assessment.

In addition to care management, Sharon offers several other services. These include coaching in the areas of transitioning to retirement which includes life planning and positive aging with the aim of exploring a life full of meaningful activities, purpose and reigniting a retiree’s dreams. She also offers counseling services for seniors, caregivers and their families covered by Medicare.

When not busy helping others, Sharon keeps her own love of life strong as she ages; she enjoys going on adventures in the outdoors, including kayaking, hiking, camping and a recent eco-friendly journey through Belize.